} 10 Reasons You Need Quality Content for Your Website (Besides SEO)

10 Non-SEO Reasons Your Website Needs Quality Content

Quality, fresh content can help your website ranking for effective keyword topics if written strategically.

But content doesn’t (and shouldn’t) always need to be about SEO! Your website is a tool. And one of the ways you should use that powerful tool is to communicate with your audience.

Psst! Best one is at the end.

10 Reasons to Write Quality Content for Your Website

  1. Clear up a confusing process or service for potential clients.
  2. Answer common questions to save you time and clients frustration. Close that knowledge gap.
  3. Show that you do in fact know what you’re doing by sharing legitimate recommendations, up-to-date info, and actionable tips.
  4. Help potential clients improve their business (or take decent photos of their own family, for all you photographers) until they’re ready hire you. Then show them how it’s done!
  5. Onboard new clients and show them how you can work best together. Tell them about your process, how quickly they can expect a response from you, and what they can do to make their experience with you even better.
  6. Save yourself time answering the same questions over and over. And if they’re asking questions you’ve already answered somewhere on your site, maybe it’s not as easy to find or understand as you thought.
  7. Show the world there’s a personality behind that company name. And that you’re not a robot. You’re not, are you??
  8. Help potential clients easily navigate your site so they can contact you and maybe even hire you. That’s why your website exists anyway, right?
  9. Let potential clients know your business is active by keeping your website updated with fresh content.
  10. If you’re in an industry that makes your family wonder what it is that you actually DO or if you have a “real job,” send them your website and skip that awkward conversation on Thanksgiving. 🤷🏻‍♀️

October 7, 2019

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