3 Creative Ways to Write a Good Blog Post

Even if You Hate Writing

Nov 18, 2018 | Writing Tips

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Type A personality who prides yourself on getting things done like a boss or a creative type who feels like a creative task like writing should come naturally.

Writing is hard. The process can be messy. The ideas can get way off track. And writing that first sentence can seem impossible.

Worst of all, your computer is full of fun distractions! Oh, Pinterest…

1. Get the words down WITHOUT editing.

Get messy. Don’t overthink.

One of the hardest writing rules for me to follow is to wait to edit what I’m writing until I’m finished getting all the rough content down first. If you try to make that sentence you just wrote sound perfect, not only is the process going to take much longer, but you’re also likely to edit everything again when you’re done anyway.

Don't let yourself edit at all. Seriously. Let it be messy and maybe even cringey. Even professional writers often have cringeworthy first drafts. Just start writing and know that it might sound blah. But it’s easier to start with a paragraph of lackluster writing and polish it into something worth showing off.

2. Start at the end.

If you don’t know where you’re going, every road will get you nowhere.

Before you write that first sentence, think about how you want it to end.

  • Why are you writing this?
  • Who are you trying to make an impression on?
  • Where should your readers go after reading this?
  • What do you want readers to take away from this?

If you know where you’re going, you’ll find it much easier to know how you’re getting there. Planning how to wrap it up will also help you avoid rambling on too long and keep your audience’s attention.

Then work backward starting with an outline! Remember those 5 paragraph essays you had to write in high school? That same process works for writing web content, too.

Example of a Content Outline:

  1. Introduction: “Writing is hard. Here’s how to make it easier!”
    • Who is this for?
    • Why should they keep reading?
  2. Supporting Idea: “Write without editing.”
  3. Supporting Idea: “Write the conclusion first.”
  4. Supporting Idea: “Record yourself talking out ideas.”
  5. Conclusion: “If you’re still stuck, ask for help!”
    • Summarize supporting ideas and/or the main idea.
    • Tell readers what to do next.

3. Talk it out first.

Explain what you want to say out loud and record it.

Pretend that you’re talking about this topic to your best friend or anyone that would benefit from what you have to say. Or talk about it with a real-life person.

It’s easier to talk about an idea than it is to write it down without hearing it first.

And that’s what your website content should sound like, a conversation between you and the reader.



Pro Workflow

Step 1. Record Yourself.

While you’re talking about what you want to write out loud, record yourself with your phone. It doesn’t have to be public speaking gold. This is more of a starting point to collect your thoughts and have something to write down without overthinking it.

Step 2. Transcribe it!

Let the robot do the writing! Use software like Temi or pay a little more for Rev to transcribe it word for word. Then you can edit until it sounds good. Or just use that text as notes while you write.

Still Stuck? Hire a writer!

I love helping photographers and other creatives get their message across. I hate seeing anyone, especially someone that’s known for being creative, struggling writing a blog post or more important content like their home page.

Need help with…

  • Planning your content
  • Writing your content or blog posts or email responses
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Improving SEO for content you’ve written

Whether you need someone to take the reigns from the beginning all the way through to the publishing stage or a little help along the way to make sure your writing is effective and optimized, you have professional writers that will never judge you for spelling mistakes ready to take away the anxiety of writing content.