} 4 Showit SEO Tips for Improving Rankings That You Can Do Today

Increase Traffic With These 4 Showit SEO Tips

May 6, 2019


Whether you’ve just launched your shiny new Showit website or you’ve been rocking the same template for years, you can use these Showit SEO tips to give your site a much better chance of ranking for the right keywords.

screenshot of title and description field in Showit website builder

1. Titles and Descriptions

First thing’s first, write your page titles and meta descriptions for every page! You’ll find this under the SEO settings in the bottom right hand corner of the Showit builder.

You don’t need to write a book. To be safe, titles should have fewer than 60 characters. Descriptions should have fewer than 156 characters.

Test your titles and descriptions with SEOmofo’s SERP Snippet Optimization Tool.

Check out Google’s suggestions for writing great page titles and descriptions!

2. Image Optimization

You’ve probably heard all about image optimization and maybe you’ve taken the time to resize and optimize your images as much as you can. Or maybe all the advice you’ve been given was just too overwhelming and you don’t have time to take care of that right now.

Resize Images for Faster Loading

Most importantly, you need to make sure your image sizes aren’t enormous and weighing down your pages. Trust me, your web images do not need to be anywhere near 3000px in width.

Ideally, your image file sizes would be less than 200kb. That’s not always possible or you don’t have the time to go through every image and resize. I get it.

To make it easy, at least run your images through Lightroom before uploading and resize them to at least 1500px or less in width. Don’t worry about the other settings or resizing to make them even smaller.

If you want to take an extra step in reducing that file size, you can use an app like Squash or JPEG Mini or an online image resize like TinyPNG.

Alt Text

This deserves its own blog post, but we’ll settle for a quick review for now!

Alt text should be written to briefly describe an image. The description should be ACCURATE, informative, and to the point.

HOWEVER, you do not need to stress about adding alt text to all your images. It’s a small ranking factor and good practice to add when you can, but it shouldn’t be a high priority.

3. Google Analytics

One of the most common mistakes I notice on Showit sites is the Google Analytics tracking code has been added twice. This typically happens because someone has added the Google Analytics ID in the Showit app under Site Settings AND they’ve also added it to a WordPress plugin, often MonsterInsights.

You only need the tracking code set up in your Showit app under Site Settings, then Third Party. If your GA tracking code has been added to your site multiple times, remove the tracking code from the plugins.

Why a Duplicate GA Tracking Code Should be Removed

If you have your GA tracking code on your site twice, one visit to a blog post or any other page on your blog (category, tag, etc.) will be counted as two sessions. A quick way to check this is to look at your Google Analytics to see if the number of Sessions is at least double the number of users for every page.

screenshot of heading tags with fonts in Showit app website builder

4. Heading Tags

Heading tags are meant to help organize your content for the reader and Google – not to quickly change your font!

In your Showit site, you’ll use Heading 1, Heading 2, and Heading 3. In the Showit app, these are labeled as Title, Heading, and Subheading, respectively.

Each page should have one Heading 1 for the title of the page. Use Heading 2 tags to break up the content into sections. Heading 3 tags aren’t nearly as common, but can be used to break down the subtopics even further. Everything else should be set as p (paragraph). Your main navigation will be set to nav (navigation).

For more details, check out this blog post on “Setting & Understanding Heading Tags in Showit” I helped Crystal Lee Design Studio write!

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Whether you’ve just launched your shiny new Showit website or you’ve been rocking the same template for years, you can use these Showit SEO tips to give your site a much better chance of ranking for the right keywords.

Increase Traffic With These 4 Showit SEO Tips