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Content Writer.
SEO Analyst.

Founder of Eleventy7

My nerdy side and creative side have learned to get along. Now they work together for the greater good of websites everywhere.

As a business owner, it’s my responsibility to give back to the community and I encourage other business owners to do the same!

The Black Mamas Matter Alliance is made up of all volunteers working to change policy, cultivate research and advance care for black mothers. They’re working to shift our culture so black mothers’ voices are actually heard.

Why did I choose the Black Mamas Matter Alliance? According to the CDC, “black women die from pregnancy-related issues nearly 2-3 times more often than white women.” Women of color are also more likely to experience postpartum mental illness but are less likely to receive treatment. The health of women and children is vital to our society’s health as a whole. I never realized that I had a better chance of receiving proper health care than women of color. Though it’s a very small gesture compared to what they need, this is my way of helping to close that gap.

For Every New SEO Project Booked through 2020,
10% of GROSS Sales is Donated to the
Black Mamas Matter Alliance

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2020 Showit SEO Webinar

Watch the replay of the 2020 Showit SEO Webinar to learn how to improve Google rankings for Showit websites. Get a simple explanation of SEO, why it's important, and what to prioritize for your website.

Bucket List

My 7 goals for 2020

• Finally stick to normal business hours!
• Get deeper involved with a local non-profit
• Actually take time to enjoy the beach
• Update my own blog... and headshot – I know, I know!
• Take an adults-only trip to Asheville in the summer
• Put the finishing touches on my office – for real
• Attend Showit United again!! 

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