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Stop Googling your own website and use Google Search Console instead to get accurate SEO rankings for your website.

How to ACTUALLY Check Your SEO Rankings with Google Search Console

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I’ve worked on SEO with these Showit designers or purchased their templates for my own website. I highly recommend these Showit designers as professionals, creatives, & business owners.

Upgrade Your Website with Recommended Showit Designers

blog feature: Recommended Showit designers

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Learn how to improve Google rankings like a pro with SEO tips for photographers that are effective and easy to implement. I’ve collected the most helpful SEO tips for photographers that I found myself giving over and over at Showit United.

SEO Tips for Photographers: Improve Your Rankings Like a Pro

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Whether you’ve just launched your shiny new Showit website or you’ve been rocking the same template for years, you can use these Showit SEO tips to give your site a much better chance of ranking for the right keywords.

Increase Traffic With These 4 Showit SEO Tips

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Thank you to Showit for inviting me to teach the Showit SEO Webinar! Watch the replay and read through the tips we discussed with all the slides from the webinar.

Watch the Showit SEO Webinar – Hosted by Showit

showit seo webinar feature

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Ask a Facebook group about SEO and you’ll find it’s easy to get advice from the well-meaning SEO “expert,” but that doesn’t mean you’ll get correct or up-to-date info. Avoid these 5 common SEO mistake to improve rankings.

5 Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid for Better Rankings

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Follow these 5 simple steps to write and optimize blog posts for SEO like the pros using keywords, Yoast, styling, and images. Improve your rankings and increase website traffic without sounding like a robot.

How to Write & Optimize an Awesome Blog Post for SEO

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Here are 10 reasons you need unique, quality content for your website – and they have nothing to do with SEO!

10 Non-SEO Reasons Your Website Needs Quality Content

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If you’ve tried redirecting a Godaddy domain to a new domain, you’ll likely start over in rankings – especially if you have a Showit site.

What to Know About Changing Your Domain on Showit

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a Type A personality who prides yourself on getting things done like a boss or a creative type who feels like a creative task like writing should come naturally. Writing is hard. The process can be messy. The ideas can get way off track. And writing that first sentence can […]

3 Pro Tips for Writing Blog Posts Even If You Hate Writing

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