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Learn how to optimize your blog to drive more traffic to your website and get the most out of your content

Learn how to plan your blog posts intentionally, track your content’s performance and rankings, optimize your writing while still sounding like a real person (and not an SEO-obsessed robot), and organize your blog for better readability and navigation for both your readers AND Google.

About SEO & Blogging

Before we jump in, I’ll give you a quick intro to SEO, how it can help your business, when you should prioritize SEO, and how to balance optimization and your audience.


Planning Blog Topics

Learn how to blog with intent, make goals for your content, map out your posts to support your website, and use Google Search Console & Analytics to understand your content performance.

Module 1

Writing For Your Reader

Get in the habit of outlining your posts with a fillable blog post outline, use Gutenberg blocks, and improve readablity. Learn how to write engaging titles and descriptions that convert. Bonus! Use Grammarly for polished writing!

Module 2

course outline


Conquer Yoast! Learn how to choose keywords and add those keywords naturally to your title, heading tags, and body text without sounding like a robot. Extra tidbit: control how your blog post displays on Facebook.

Module 3


Optimize your images for Google while keeping your amazing image quality! Know how to export your images in Lightroom, compress files in Squash, and rename your files. Write alt text easily to improve your image rankability.

Module 4


Improve your user experience by learning how to organize and optimize your blog with categories and tags. Help your users want to navigate your content and lead them to the call-to-actions you want them to take with a better sidebar.

Module 5

After this course, you'll be able to...

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+  Choose topics that add value to your blog and for your readers

+ Add keywords properly without losing your brand’s mojo

+ Use Yoast as a guideline (not a rule) without stressing about green lights

+ Organize your posts with categories and tags

+ Drive more organic traffic to your entire website

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