As your SEO consultant, I'm happy to answer any of your questions! I believe knowledge should be shared freely and stay transparent about my methods and understanding of Google's best practices.

I've worked with 200+ Showit users on their SEO and content since 2016. My career in marketing began in 2011 when I graduated with a bachelor's in Entrepreneurship & Marketing from WVU. I've been regularly invited by Showit as an expert on SEO for Showit websites including Showit United and webinars.

I've been a photographer for 10+ years in South Carolina so I understand what photographers are able to realistically update in order to rank. Your time and money are valuable which is why I adjust each SEO project to prioritize the strategies that will prove the most effective and efficient.

I obsessively follow Google's Best Practices for SEO and use detailed reporting to guide every decision.

3-MONTH SEO Project to Elevate Your Showit Website



2 Payments of $475

Specifically geared to Showit Users, this service helps you Understand best Google practices and how to optimize your website while still providing a great user experience and focusing on getting new clients.

Learn about SEO while I optimize your website for target keywords and a user experience that will actually get you clients.


Google Trifecta Setup
Custom SEO Plan
On-Page Optimization
Technical SEO Improvements
Backlinks Recommendations
Content Recommendations
Weekly SEO Reports
Complete SEO Audit Video Review
Optimized & Styled Blog Posts

My Approach to SEO

Short & Long Term Benefits

Throughout an SEO project, I focus on changes that drastically improve your day-to-day decisions and how you communicate with potential clients through your website.


While I love analytics and showing off fancy reports, we will never lose sight of the goal of any marketing strategy: to grow your business doing what you love for your ideal clients.


SEO is more than adding keywords to a page title or proper heading tags. Prioritizing user experience, functionality, and online brand awareness are all part of your SEO project.

What to Expect

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You will submit an onboarding questionnaire with login info for Showit, your blog, etc. Ideally, you would add me as an admin (full permissions) to your Google Analytics, Google Search Console, & Google Business Listing. I have videos on sharing access walking you through the process of adding me to each.

step 01: Onboarding

With full permissions to your account (or your Google login info) I will create (if you haven't already) and optimize your Google Analytics & Google Business Listing. I will also review Google Search Console to confirm everything is set up correctly and look for any priority issues to be fixed ASAP.

step 02: Google Trifecta

You'll receive a full SEO audit report with all the details we need to determine the best approach to your website's SEO. I'll share plenty of info that helps your day-to-day decision making and reveal how visitors are really finding and using your website. Along with the report comes a custom video where I walk you through each section.

step 03: Initial SEO Audit Report

Every website is different and so are the SEO needs. After the full audit and your feedback, I'll present a plan to optimize your site tailored to the optimizations that will be the most effective and efficient. That may involve cleaning up broken links and a poor user experience. Or we might optimize more blog posts to build a better site structure.

step 04: Determine SEO Priorities

Throughout the project, you'll receive a weekly SEO report based on your target keyword phrases, competitors, link building, and site analytics. At this point, you should be able to understand everything in the report. You can always send questions and I'll likely respond with a video explanation.

step 05: Weekly SEO Reports

Based on the priorities we've established, I'll assign you SEO homework that can only be done by you. This often involves submitting content to websites, updating offsite citations, or writing content. I'm here to help along the way so this homework feels less torturous than calculus.

step 06: You Have HOMEWORK!

You'll often hear about alt text or heading tags, but those small details won't improve your rankings alone. Your technical SEO audit is included in the first report and tells us if anything is seriously impeding your site's indexability. This is more than keywords. Your site's technical health can make or break your ability to rank. 

STEP 07: TECHNICAL SEO Improvements

Why are we just now getting to the on-page optimization? While this step is vital to following Google's best on-page SEO practices, on-page optimization is often the easiest and more commonly offered SEO service. It's hard to make progress on this step alone, which is why SEO pros prioritize functionality and technical health first.

STEP 08: On-page Optimization

I'll have a detailed analysis on how your blog content performs based on Google Search Console and your technical SEO audit. We'll prioritize the blog posts with the most potential that you want to show off. I'll clean up your categories and tags. Then I'll optimize each post to improve rankings AND record my process for your future blogging.

step 09: Optimize Blog Posts

Congrats! You now have a strong understanding of your website's SEO, user experience, and brand awareness. You'll feel confident in improved rankings and higher converting traffic. I'll run a final SEO audit on your improved website and review each area with you via Zoom or in a video. Every report and video walkthrough is yours to keep.

step 10: Final SEO Review


A tale as old as time. If your old blog URLs don't redirect to the new URLs after you move to Showit, you can set up a redirect rule with regex. Avoiding 404 errors after a migration to any platform is an important factor in your SEO. But it can be done!

Help! I moved from Squarespace and now my rankings have dropped!

About 50% of my clients have Google Analytics and Google Business Listing set up already, but there are always significant updates/changes that were either overlooked or recently added by Google.

Stop Googling yourself! This doesn't work, not even in Incognito mode.
When you google keywords you’re trying to rank for, those results are almost always going to be skewed. You need to know how your website actually ranks. Use Google Search Console (the right way) to get your actual rankings.

Have a question about your SEO? I've got an answer! And if you don't see your question here, submit your question and I'll respond with an answer ASAP!

I have Google Analytics & Business Set up. Can we skip this?

When I google my keywords, my website is ranked #1!

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