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Before we start on your project, let’s begin with a complete audit. This manual audit covers SEO and content that that can affect your site’s ability to rank but also reviews your brand’s message and the user experience.

How Does This Work?

We will treat your website like one of our own!

Your project should be efficient, easy to understand, and effective. After the work is finished, we’re going to stick around for 3 more months to track progress and make recommendations or changes based on your analytics.

First, we dig into your site’s techy side and the content.

We manually audit your website to pick up what software might overlook or might not understand as a non-human. Raw data is also pulled from your site to be analyzed and used for actionable recommendations.

The real work begins! We keep you updated on our progress.

The exact scope of each project will vary. This is why we start with the audit, then meet to discuss plans. We set aside 3 months for the work that needs to be done, but that can shorten or lengthen depending on information we need from you.

We track your rankings and analytics.

SEO is all about analyzing, changing variables, analyzing more, and on and on. The work shouldn’t take more than 3 months unless there’s a major issue. We’re here for 3 months after the project, longer if necessary, to monitor progress and report back to you.

And we’re always an email away.

Any Questions?

Why do I need a full audit before starting?
It’s always good to start with a complete audit before a new SEO project. Starting with the audit before officially moving forward with the SEO or Content projects gives us a chance to find any potential issues that would hold up the project significantly.

We want to make sure your project runs as efficiently as possible! So let’s start with a thorough audit, then decide on where to go next.

How do I know any of the project work is helping?

Rankings for specific phrases could improve after a few months. You could see results sooner, typically in lower competition markets. Or it could take 6+ months to see any changes.

This is why we also focus on content marketing and user experience. Drastically improved rankings would be great! But what would be even better is if your visitors find the information they need, connect to your brand, and interact with your site to ultimately become your client.

How long do projects last?

Unless you need to drastically change a site in the middle of our project or something unexpected holds up progress (we try to avoid this!) your SEO or content project should be completed within 3 months. Then we stay with you for 3 more months to monitor progress and suggest improvements.

Do you teach me how to improve my own SEO?

You’ll receive videos of explanations for any recommendations and changes made. We do the work for you and then explain why and how it can improve your site.

If you’re looking for a great course on how to improve your own SEO, Corey from Fuel Your Photos has opened up a great course that will explain best practices and concepts behind SEO. 

Harmonize Your Content & SEO

When we’re done, your SEO and content will be ready to make beautiful internet babies!

Weird, but true.

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