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Want to Optimize your website for real people AND Google without losing your brand mojo?


Weekly SEO Reports

Blogging for SEO Course

If you're not sure where to start with SEO, need help optimizing content, or have technical issues that need fixed ASAP, a 60-minute Zoom meeting is a great way to get the individual help you need quickly and get any questions answered while we screen share.

Perfect if you need help with technical issues that affect SEO, a review of your Google Analytics/Search Console, or optimizing your blog posts.

Schedule a 60-minute Zoom Call

1:1 Live SEO Help

You'll receive a weekly report with your Google rankings, local SEO progress, Google analytics, site audit, and a list of any new or lost backlinks. You can also add Google/Facebook ad reports, your social media performance, email campaign results, and more!

Get Custom weekly reports on your Google Rankings, Local SEO Progress, website analytics, Google/Facebook Ad Reports, and more Along with actionable tips to improve your seo.

Weekly Reports & Monitoring

SEO & Ad Reporting

Learn about SEO and best practices for optimizing your website including:

How To Find Your Google Rankings
Analyze Your Website Performance
Target Keywords With Content
Optimize Blog Posts

Specifically geared to Showit Users, this course helps you Understand best Google practices and how to optimize your website while still providing a great user experience and focusing on getting new clients.


Blogging for SEO Course

Watch the Showit SEO Webinar

Watch the replay of the Showit SEO Webinar to learn how to improve Google rankings for Showit websites. Get a simple explanation of SEO, why it's important, and what to prioritize for your website.